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At the heart of every H3O polarized lens is a thin film sandwiched between two outer layers of lens material.  This polarizing film is designed to essentially eliminate incoming horizontal light. 

When full three dimensional sunlight comes to the earth, and hits a reflective surface such as a windshield, wet road surface, snow or water it becomes polarized or two dimensional.  You may have heard this referred to as reflective glare.  Reflective glare is much more intense than ambient light.  It can increase eye strain and cause a wash out effect on surrounding colors.  On the surface of a lake or stream, this reflective glare becomes a barrier that keeps us from seeing down into seemingly clear water.

A non polarized sun lens will reduce glare, as some advertise, but only by the same percentage as it does the ambient light.  The wash out of colors and the glare on the surface of the water is still there.

A quality H3O polarized lens eliminates essentially all of the reflective glare that hits the lens horizontally and a portion that hits at other angles.  By eliminating this intense reflective glare, you greatly reduce eyestrain, allowing you to see the great outdoors in fuller and richer colors. For those of you that fish and navigate our waters, it takes away that reflective barrier and you can now see past the surface of the water.

The animation below was created with two unaltered photographs.  The first was taken with a non polarized lens in front of the camera; the second, with an H3O polarized amber lens. 

I guess you could say "the difference is clear."

"The time to decide on the best polarized lens color is NOT when you buy it...
Its when you're about to use it!"

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